Waterproof nano coatings for mobile phones

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Waterproof nano coatings for mobile phones

How wonderful it will be to have your smartphone along with your for some important conversation that is going on while you are taking a shower? Here is a solution for that as three companies HzO, Liquipel and P2i have come up with their own technologies to make the mobile phones waterproof.

These companies are offering nano coatings on mobile phones to make them waterproof even when they are immersed in 1 meter of water. These coatings are made of some nanomaterials that can effectively encase the smartphone (iPhone or Android) from water.

All the three companies are exhibiting their technologies at the CES 2012 going on this week. HzO created a patented gas and an exclusive process to apply it on the phones so that it can wrap them with invisible shell that is waterproof. This shell has a thickness of only a few molecules. This technology is names WaterBlocked by the company.

P2i, another company with the similar technology has created a nanoflim named Aridion which can prevent the water from reaching the smartphones and they have a distinct process to apply this to the devices. This technology is not only for shielding the phones but also for various other things like military garments from oil, gasoline, nerve agents and lubricants.

Liquipel, the third company with an almost similar patent pending technology claims that its technoligy is possible to make waterproof tablets, smartphones, headphones and more and that it is non-toxic.

These technologies along with many others are the hot trends of CES 2012 as discussed by us previously.

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