Hot trends of CES 2012

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Hot trends of CES 2012

The consumer electronics industry has great expectations from the digital consumer electronics devices and are hoping to see the morphing of the computing into the non-computing devices to a large extent.

The chief Economist and the Director of the Consumer Electronics Association, Shawn Dubravac that puts the CES has made some observations about the state of the consumer electronics industry. The press events of CES started yesterday and the exhibits open tomorrow in Las Vegas.

The PCs were once selling at a larger pace and were the center of the digital electronics. Now, this position is taken by the tablets, smartphones and the other devices and these are becoming the main focus of the show says Dubravac.

As per Dubravac, in the past decade the CES has seen a huge transition shifting from the analog stand-alone consumer electronics devices to the digital ones. Right now, CES is moving to a second phase in digital.

When the attendees are surveyed, the hottest devices that are expected out of CES are the wireless devices and technologies which will be followed by the lifestyle electronics. The buyers say that the hot trends of CES will be the tablets, internet connected televisions and mobile apps.

The hot trends as per Dubravac last year were pocketable vs portable devices, the sensorization of consumer technology, the intelligence beyond computers and amplification to applification. The trend now moves towards the apps which is a convenient way to launch any software program by just tapping on an icon on the various platforms.

Last year, a plethora of smartphones and tablets were launched at CES and this year it is going to be too high than ever before says Dubravac. There is also an increase in the wireless devices that couple with others for some specific functions.

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