What is a bitrate and how does it matter

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While editing videos, you would have come across bit rate setting during the process of exporting your video. So what exactly is bitrate?

What is a bitrate and how does it matter

What is bitrate?

Bit rates are defined by megabits per second (Mbps) and in a nutshell, the higher the bit rate of a video, the higher the video quality. Bitrate directly affects the quality of a video. The higher bit rates produce sharper videos, while lower ones produce blurrier videos because the bit rate controls how much information is in each video.

What is a bitrate and how does it matter

There are some variables to take into account when deciding on a proper setting including Source Bit Rate, Size of the Video, Codec used and Amount of Movement

How to check bitrate in VLC player?

We've been using VLC for years and it is one of the tools that let you see a video’s bitrate in real time. In order to see the bitrates, follow the below steps

Step 1:
Start playing any video of your choice in VLC and click on the Tools menu and select Media Information.

Step 2: In that click on Statistics tab.

Step 3:
In here you’ll see a graph under Input/Read, which displays the live view of the bitrate of your video as you watch it. While playing videos, the bitrate will raise and lower depending on what’s on the screen and the movement on it.

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