What Is Bitcoin Mining Difficulty And Why Is It Increasing?


Cryptocurrency mining is a very fancy word for those who don't know the difficulties faced by miners. We have often heard about miners coming up with a powerful hardware setup to tackle the mining difficulties. Yes! It does need powerful machines, the perfect software, electricity, and a mining pool. This might be strange for people who are new to cryptocurrency mining. Here are more details about the mining difficulty:

What Is Bitcoin Mining Difficulty And Why Is It Increasing?


Difficulty is a unit of estimation to know how hard it is to discover a hash underneath the given target. Mining difficulty is classified in three factors which include global block difficulty, which means valid block must have a hash below the target. Second, on the list is the number of miners mining on the network, and share difficulty which is set for mining particular cryptocurrency which shows how hard is it to find hash that is much below the target defined by the system.

Do note that the mining difficulty changes automatically every 2,016 blocks on the network depending on the number of miner mining on the network and their combination of time taken to find 2,016 blocks and hashpower. Based on these factors, difficulty either goes up or down.

If the difficulty increases then miners require more powerful hardware to tackle the changes. Here hardware like GPU, CPU, and FPGA mining play important role. Also to deal with mining difficulty hardware manufacturers came up with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) which is customized chipset specially made for mining. It has integrated microprocessors, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, flash memory and other large building blocks.

What Is Bitcoin Mining Difficulty And Why Is It Increasing?


Bitcoin has no maximum mining difficulty level which is an un-ignorable fact. Moreover, there is also a possibility that difficulty might increase until all the bitcoins are mined. The reports suggest that this might happen in the year 2140. Bitcoin difficulty might have chance to increase by 15 percent which is not surprising for miners, but it will be a big deal for miners who are unable to upgrade their mining system and cop up with the mining scenario.

This clearly shows the reason why mining difficulty is increasing. The number of miners is increased and that's why the difficulty is also increasing.

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