World's first Prison Guard Robot

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World's first Prison Guard Robot

The Prison Guard Robot enables authorities to carry out Prisoner Surveillance effectively. It has a built-in 3d camera through which prisoner activity can be effectively monitored. It also incorporates latest technology mechanisms through which monitoring becomes easy and effective

Yesterday, had carried an article about how robots are going to turn sex workers in future and how they are going to help you in having safe sex. Now there is one more interesting Robotic update. In a South Korean city called Pohang, you can see the world's first Prison Guard Robot. This robot guards prisons and prisoners and prevents them from escaping.

Asian Forum Of Corrections and manufacturer SMEC have jointly built this 5-feet tall Robot. A 3D camera, wireless technology, human behavior and emotion tracking technology and mechanisms have also been incorporated in the robot. Through its 3D camera, authorities can detect prisoners' behavior and suspicious activities easily.

According to Reuters, if this Robot is found to be successful, than it is going to be introduced at all the prisons and detention centers across the world. By using these robots, even the expenditure involved in prisoner surveillance can be reduced reportedly.

If this Robot is used in prisons and detention centers across India, then the hide and seek between the prisoners and the police can be eliminated to a great extent.


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