YouTube Live Coming To Take On Twitch, Livestreaming Service Will Focus On eSports & Gaming

According to recent reports, YouTube is expected to launch a live video game and esports streaming service called YouTube Live.

YouTube Live Coming To Take On Twitch

Google will try to put a bullet through Twitch's head by launching this new channel via YouTube. YouTube Live is actually launched as a competitor to Twitch -- which is the leader in the segment of live coverage of video games and esports.

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Recently, Twitch was acquired by Amazon for almost a billion dollars. Do not feel surprised, as search engine giant Google was ready to shell out the same amount for Twitch as well.

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Reportedly, Google aimed at building its own platform for the same and with the help of YouTube's mass recognition over the planet, their venture might just be an easy one.

Business expansion is a major concern here and the big firms in the industry know that running a game streaming platform is on the boom and will rise further in the future.

To attest to the fact that Google is taking things very seriously! As per recent news in that YouTube has already hired 50 engineers with unmatched streaming skills. Youtube allegedly plans to make use of these engineers to promote the YouTube live link till the far ends of the earth.

YouTube has been streaming esports in the past. The company did cover the League of Legends Championship Series since 2013. But they do not have the exclusive rights of telecast for the same.

Google firmly believes that YouTube's presence on the internet is quite influential and they can face the competition very well and get them a substantial amount of coverage on the video game and esports sectors.

Source: DailyDot

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