Marketplace to come to India

Posted By: Rahul Marketplace to come to India

According to reports, the online retail major Amazon wants to enter India and set up an online marketplace. The report also stated that Amazon wants to set up an interactive marketplace similar to e-bay and provide an intuitive buying, selling platform.

Amazon also wants to provide local traders in India a platform where they can sell their commodities and get good returns in exchange. This move is a novel approach by Amazon as it would bring internet more closer to the masses. According to sources at Amazon, this approach is targeted exclusively at local traders in India and at improving their condition by enabling them to earn handsome profits in exchange for their commodities. Amazon is not venturing to setup an online mega-store in India this time laying to rest rumours which stated that Amazon is going to open an online mega-store.

This move by Amazon is also going to benefit the online vendors in India as they would get benefits through the traffic that Amazon generates. Thus this is sure a double whammy for India.

Since Amazon's marketplace offers commodities at fixed prices, local traders will be free to fix a comprehensive price for their commodities thus eliminating middlemen from the process. One more benefit that the Indian Amazon Marketplace will offer is the freedom for customers to buy commodities from authorized third party dealers through Amazon's infrastructure.

Thus, e-commerce in India is sure to get a huge boost in the form of  Amazon's marketplace launch and the local traders are also going to be benefited immensely. This project is going to take some more time to materialize as has to hire the right people for the job. Let's appreciate this novel venture by

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