Anonymous India reveals blocked sites list [Video]

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Anonymous India, the hacker group has been in the news from quite sometime. It hacked the official sites of All India Congress and Supreme Court of India a couple of weeks back. This was a move to show its objection on what it sees as injustice.

The group also explained the reason for the attack. It was a reaction to the Internet Censorship. The day before the hacking, we reported that several ISPs in India have blocked the major torrent and video sharing sites like Pastebin, Vimeo and many others.

It was Reliance Communications that first blocked these sites. It is believed that Reliance Entertainment has acquired a John Doe order from the Delhi High Court for Dangerous Ishtq, their upcoming release. As per this order, many ISPs have blocked the torrent websites.

In order to bring more clarity to the matter, Anonymous held a virtual press conference this weekend. A person headed the chat session by the name BitMentor. Last week, the operations of Anonymous India included the hacking of several ISPs and extracting the lists of blocked websites from their servers.

It managed to learn that many other sites apart from the torrent and file sharing sites were also blocked. The complete list of blocked sites has been downloaded from the server of Reliance, its target ISP. The group agrees that DoT can block the sites, but Reliance, being an ISP has no power to do so.

Anonymous India has also announced that it is looking for a peaceful protest. The protest will happen on June 9th and the movement is named Operation India Engaged. Here is a video about the movement.

Check out the list of blocked sites. This list includes sites blocked by the government and Reliance. Eventually, some of these sites were unblocked by the ISP soon after the news spread. The group says that the blocks are implemented again.

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