Google doodles Arab Mother's Day

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Google doodles Arab Mother's Day

Yesterday, Google doodled the spring equinox for the countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Read our article on Google doodles spring equinox. The arrival of spring is also celebrated as Mother's Day in Egypt and western Asia.

To celebrate the Arab Mother's Day, Google has put a doodle on the homepage of selected countries. This list includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait, Libya, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Eqypt.

On March 18, the company posted the same doodle that it has posted today. March 18 is Mother's Day in UK. It is also similar to the one posted for Father's Day in Italy, Portugal and Honduras. You can check out the official Doodle site of Google to have a look at these doodles.

The image is like a wax crayon drawing done by a child. The logo of Google includes a green haired mother and a kid. There are symbols of heart shape all over to signify the mother's love. The sun shine is represented in the background to indicate spring. It also features two wax crayons at the corner to make sure that it is wax crayon drawing.

The Mother's Day of Arab debuted with official celebrations on March 21, 1956. Different countries celebrate Mother's Day in different dates. Norway starts it first in February and Indonesia ends it in December.

Log on to Google's Arabia homepage to take a look at this doodle.

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