Google to protest against the US anti-piracy bills

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Google to protest against the US anti-piracy bills

After the announcement of Wikipedia about the internet black out and its implementation today, Google has also made its plan to make necessary changes in the site. It will also have the information about the bills, SOPA and PIPA. But the users will be able to conduct the searches as usual.

The anti-piracy bills are the proposed legislation that can endanger the free speech and also impose censorship on the online content. This will eradicate the free and open nature of the internet.

A spokesman of Google said that like the other businesses and internet giants, Google also opposes the bills and as there are several smart and unique ways of shutting down the websites they are not blacking out their website rather making some changes.

The website’s US home page will have an indication on it to highlight this issue. The company is not blacking out their site and enable users to search as usual but still make it visible for them. This solution enables the company to earn revenue from the searches and still focus on the issue.

This change in the US homepage will be made tomorrow and it will last for 24 hours.

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