Wikipedia goes black today

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Wikipedia goes black today


Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia goes black today in order to protest against the anti-piracy bills that are under consideration in US Congress. This bill when passed will endanger the free speech and also impose censorship rules on the international websites.

Wikipedia community decided to go black today and this applies only to the English version of the site. This is an act by the community against the proposed legislation in US, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and in US Senate, (PIPA) PROTECTIP.

The legislation will cause harm to the free and open internet and also bring new tools for the censorship of the international websites in US. This decision to go black was taken after a three day discussionthree day discussion with the Wikipedians for the community to go against PIPA and SOPA and also to indicate the concern they have on the proposed legislation.

Wikipedia is urging the general public to voice out to the political leaders to retain the internet free and open. Following Wikipedia, websites like BoingBoing and Reddit are also blacked out today.

Through Wikipedia is blacked out today, there are some interesting alternatives to open the website and access its information. Read out article on accessing Wikipedia on Internet Blackout day.

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