Google's Happy Holidays doodle plays jingle bells tube

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Google's Happy Holidays doodle plays jingle bells tube


Its is Christmas time and Google has created its interactive doodle for the occasion. Christmas eve is nearing and Google's doodle plays the tune of jingle bells. Google homepage was spotted with this doodle yesterday but it was quite simple indicating only the LED doodles with the Google written behind it.

Today, the doodle is made interactive and musical to stir the celebration mood. The doodle has six buttons each at the bottom of a LED doodle and they are glowing. When you click on each of the buttons, they play a specific tune from the jingle bells notes. Once all the sic buttons are clicked, the musical note button appears and when it is also clicked, it plays the jingle bells tune.

This Google doodles symbol has also the holiday symbols like snowflake indicating winter, Santa Claus, jingle bell, snowman, a candle and at last a gift box. The doodle first appears on a white background with Google and then as the first button is clicked, it turns to a black background symbolizing the night sky. Then the LED doodles appear like icons making the Google's logo to appear like a faint outline at a back.

So far it is estimated that Google has put around 259 doodles in 2011 alone indicating the different events across the world. Some doodles are specific to the country's Google page while others are for the entire world.

Since the past decade, Google is wishing the users with this pre-Christmas doodle. You can check out the doodle site to have a look at all the Google doodles since the first one announced in 1998. We have already discussed about the initial Happy Holidays Google doodle and the Google Doodle site.

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