Google's logo censored in the protest

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Google's logo censored in the protest

Today, Google homepage has blacked out its logo on the homepage. It is certainly not another innovative one of Google but it represents that the search engine has joined hands with the internet blackout protest that is going on since yesterday against the proposed US legislation regarding online piracy.

Already a spokesman of Google mentioned that the website will support the internet blackout in a smarter way and mentioned that they will allow the users to search queries but still highlight some change in the US homepage. Read out article on Google to protest against the US anti-piracy bills.

Similarly, Google has not blacked out the entire website but its logo. This will be viewable only to the users of US. The other Google users will get the text saying tell the Congress not to censor the web under the search bar. This text will link to a page that is titled “End Piracy. End Liberty” this indicates why the SOPA and PIPA acts are wrong.

The users out of US can take a look at the censored Google logo through the numerous online proxy services.

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