Internet Explorer 10 Coming to Windows 7 Next Month

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Internet Explorer 10 Coming to Windows 7 Next Month

When Windows 8 Operating System releases on October 26, it will be arriving with an entirely redesigned version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft had previously mentioned about its plans to incorporate the same version on Windows 7. 

Confirming this, an announcement has come from the company informing users that Internet Explorer will be reaching Windows 7 in mid-November. This news will be particularly relevant for those users who are planning to stick with Windows 7 even after the release of Windows 8 Operating System

Microsoft is currently planning to release a preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for the time being. Company representatives have informed that a final version of the browser will be made available to users once it has finished collecting developer and customer feedback. Microsoft however not has given out an exact date for the release of the full version of the browser. 

Microsoft representative Rob Mauceri explained that Internet Explorer 10 will be bringing enhanced real-world site performance along with additional standard supports for Windows 7, which is a feature that a lot of web developers have been requesting for. He also added that Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 Operating System will have the same standards based platform for developers like that for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. 

The latest announcement from Microsoft regarding the release of a preview version of IE10 for Windows has been received with mixed reactions by the developer community. A large number of developers are not impressed as they were expecting a fully functional final version of the browser. The unavailability of a final version will hinder the development of sites optimized for Internet Explorer 10.

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