Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer 10 Browser for Windows 8

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Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer 10 Browser for Windows 8

Finally Windows 8 is out in the market and reviews have started coming in regarding various features of Windows 8. Microsoft is also leaving no stone untouched, when it comes to promoting Windows 8. The software giant has come with a claim that Internet Explorer 10 is the best available browser for Windows 8 based devices. 

Internet Explorer is an indigenous browser developed by Microsoft. As per the sources, Microsoft designed IE10 to compliment the touch experience available in Windows 8 operating system. Company sources however hinted at the possibility of offering Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 users too. 

Microsoft was stated as saying in a report, “The entirely new Internet Explorer 10 is a huge part of the re-imagined Windows experience.” They also stated to have built the new browser specifically for making the web a first class citizen on the new Windows 8 devices together with other compatible apps. Sources have also claimed that Internet Explorer 10 will be exceptionally fast and fluid in terms of performance. One of the important points to be noted here is that IE10 is arguably the first web browser that is designed exclusively for touch devices. 

Among the list of enhancements expected with the Internet Explorer 10 browser, the most notable one is the much criticized ‘Do Not Track’ option which has been implemented by default. The feature is designed to give users with more privacy. This specialized tool prevents other websites from collecting user’s data even for advertising purposes. 

This has led to criticisms from advertisers whereas most of the customers might feel more secured having this new feature in their web browser. Yahoo is one among those firms who have come down heavily on this ‘Do Not Track’ feature. They have even told that they will ignore this feature stating that it would impact the browsing experience of users and impact the online advertising models. They also alleged that the new feature in IE10 will not be helpful to express user intent.

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