10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Facebook Right Now

By Vijaykumar Meti

Facebook is the most widely used and the world's biggest social networking site with 1.44 billion monthly active users globally.

We share of Facebook almost everything that happens with out life. We fed it our feelings, thoughts, share location, keep it up-to-date with our status, political views and personal information to stay connected with our friends and family regardless of thinking about our security.

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Well, Facebook also has few beneficial uses, but before logging into the popular social network here are few reasons why you should stop using Facebook in 2015.

Facebook Wastes Your Time

According to a research report, it is estimated that an average user, who has been active on the site for 10 years has wasted 40 entire days of their lives on Facebook. The reports says that on an average a casual user spend 17 minutes per day on Facebook. While, if you are more engaged users spending at least an hour in a day on Facebook, then you have wasted upwards 150 days of your lives liking and commenting on pictures and posts.

Facebook Uses Your Personal Information

Back in 2012, Facebook published details of an experiment with manipulated information posted form 689,000 accounts and found it could make people feel through a process of "emotional contagion". According to Facebook, the experiment was to "improve our services and to make the content people see on Facebook as relevant and engaging as possible."

Targets You With Advertisements

Targets You With Advertisements

Facebook posts ads on your timeline based on the personal information that you have provided and also your Facebook behavior.

Bad for Your Health

According to several studies, Facebook can impact your immune system and inhibit the growth of hormones, limit thinking and kill creativity, impair digestion and vision and affect sleep patterns and happiness.

Unknown Friends

Another study hints that an average adult users has 338 friends on Facebook and probably does not know more than 10 percent of them.


If Facebook giving you more stress than you have ever had before. If you are unfriending people who disagree with you or getting annoyed by the comments, then its time to step away from Facebook.

Facebook makes you less happy

According a a study by the Department of Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University says that Facebook makes us to view our lives negatively. The study was done with 400 students and states that those who have used Facebook for a longer period has agreed more that others were happier. Those spending more time on Facebook each week agreed more that others were happier and had better lives.

Facebook even track of what you don't say

Facebook may have a record of exactly what you typed and what time you were about to publish it. The social media site released a study revealing that they were undergoing a new type of data collection, which actually tracks when people typed content and removes it without posting.

It Can Demotivate You

You might get demotivate by seeing your friend's continuous posts about parties or trip or hanging out with friends. You might feel insecure about yourself and even feel as a loser if your posts are not as cool as your friend.

Damages Communication Skills

When was the last time you actually met your friend, relatives or colleagues in real life? The social media site made it easy that we forgot to communicate in real life.


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