Does Google+ have 60% daily engagement?

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Does Google+ have 60% daily engagement?

With over 90 million users, Google+, the social network of Google seems to be like the website is faring pretty well. These numbers obviously are not so effective without the context. Vic Gundotra of Google+ has given a context with an image that states 'over 60% sign in daily' and also 'over 80% sign in weekly'.

These statements are not clear enough as it does not properly state if around 60% and 80% users sign in to Google+ or to other Google services. Initially, this was taken as if about 60% was the daily engagement rate of Google+ which is considerably higher than that of Facebook.

Google seems to be vague on these figures but is it intentionally is the question that is being out forward now. The official information states that engagement on Google+ is increasing tremendously and that the social network's users are engaging to about 60% of the company's products everyday and when it comes to a week it accounts to 80%.

This statement can also be understood as 60% of the Google+ users are interested in Google's other services and they engage with them everyday and not with the products of Google+. This understanding makes one feel that the users of the social network are die hard fans of Google.

If Google clearly states the figures and come out the vague it will be helping itself. But the company does not seem to do it.

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