Facebook Free Wi-Fi Service Coming Soon for Checked-In Users

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Facebook Free Wi-Fi Service Coming Soon for Checked-In Users

Facebook is gearing up to launch free Wi-Fi service for their 1 billion user’s world-wide with the help of local businesses. The social network is reportedly said to be testing a Wi-Fi router through which business houses like coffee houses will provide free access to Wi-Fi provided users will log in through their Facebook page. 

This new Facebook initiative was reported in Discovery News. As per the report, users will no longer need Wi-Fi passwords to access this free Wi-Fi service provided by business houses. 

Sources close to Facebook confirmed "We are currently running a small test with a few local businesses of a Wi-Fi router that is designed to offer a quick and easy way to access free Wi-Fi after checking in on Facebook." 

This new facility seems to be the brainchild of Tom Waddington, who is a developer with Facebook. He discovered this capability when he located the provision of Social Wi-Fi in the ‘Like’ section of Insights API. 

As per the new service being planned out, the local business houses would provide internet access and Facebook would offer the router. The other advantage for business owners will be the ability to track and monitor the number of users who have liked their facebook page and access Wi-Fi. In this way they can track the traffic to their Facebook pages. 

If this new Facebook service rolls out, it would be a win-win situation for Facebook, businesses and users. Facebook can keep their users engaged providing them with one more added service of Wi-Fi. Local business houses can have more users liking their facebook page helping in promotion and users’ of course will have free Wi-Fi Utility. Business houses can also save on their effort to let the customers know of Wi-Fi passwords.

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