How to view passwords hidden in asterisks?

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There may be situations where you are unable to recall your password. To your luck, several browsers out there offer storing of credentials, which it will enter automatically upon arriving at a log in page. You might still want to find out the forgotten password so that you can login from a different system.

The only options until now was to change the password after logging in or try to recover the password by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’. But now there is a solution which allows you to find the password hidden under asterisks. This will help to your find out your old password without requesting for a password change. Here is a tutorial on how to view passwords hidden in asterisks. This tutorial will work only when you have enabled the ‘store password’ option in the browser.

  • Go to the website which you want to log in to

  • Direct yourself to the login page

How to view passwords hidden in asterisks?

  • The saved passwords will now be automatically displayed below the password section

  • Right click on the password field

  • Click on Inspect element from the drop down menu
  • Trace the label for password

  • Below the label you can find the code section which says ‘input type=”password” ‘

  • Double click on the text which says “type=password”

  • Change the value from ‘password’ to ‘text’

  • Click on enter

  • The password hidden under the asterisks will be displayed as text.

In Firefox, the text editor is usually hidden in the element viewer. To open it you will have to click on the Markup panel icon which can be found at the bottom left part of the window.

This technique for viewing the password hidden under asterisks will work for a single time only. This means that the next time you login, the password will be displayed in asterisks itself. So you don’t have to worry about the password becoming accessible to other users of the computer.

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