Facebook platform integrations at CES 2012

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Facebook platform integrations at CES 2012


Here we present ten companies and their announcements at CES 2012 about the integration of the social network platform. Some of them might be familiar but the others will definitely be surprising.

Facebook does not have its own products at the show but this does not mean that the company is not a part of the show as the social network is streaming the CES 2012 live. The company has gained Facebook Platform integrations for several other companies.

Kodak: The company is adding more Facbook to the lineup of its products as it launches two cameras with the Facebook integration and two apps of the social network.

Mercedes-Benz: The car company has built its own Facebook app and will be rolling out this feature with all the new cars this year.

DIRECTV: It is allowing social discovery of movies and programs on the TV. With the Facebook platform the users can see what their friends are watching and also tune to the shows and record them.

IntoNow: People can share the television shows which their friends are watching using Facebook. They can use the IntoNow iPhone app to identify the show by analyzing the audio signals and then share back to their friends.

Slacker: This Radio enables friends to discover and to listen to music with one another from the internet or mobile phones.

Snapstick: The Facebook Timeline has this app that makes it easier for users to listen to music, watch the videos and also to channel surf with friends by streaming the internet content on TVs.

Trident: This brings the users' friends to media navigation and people can see the shows that are playing and the content that their friends have commented and liked.

U-Verse: This social TV app integrates the Facebook Platform to allow the customers to share their favorite shows and also to see what their friends like and watch.

Xbox: Allows users to share the game achievements and shows what they are doing with the media apps. Also displays the pictures that are taken from the Kinect device to the Facebook friends.

Zeebox: This app allows the users to share their favorite TV content with their friends on Facebook.

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