Facebook Introduces Shared Albums: 50 Users Can Upload Photos In The Same Album

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The number 1 social networking site Facebook, has been making a rapid progress not only in terms of users, but also in regards with the growth in the features which contribute to user exerience.

Facebook Introduces Shared Albums Where 50 Users Can Upload Photoshttp

So far, Facebook users have already seen an ample of added features like embedded posts, hashtags and more. Now the Mark Zuckerberg's network has introduced a new feature called Shared Photo Albums. As the name suggests, a user can create a shared photo album to upload pictures and they can share with 50 more users to contribute and upload photos in the same album.

As informed, each user can post about 200 pictures in the same album. Moreover, the creators can also allow contributors to invite others to the album, or retain complete control over the album.

Going by the details, the new shared photo albums offer three privacy settings viz. public, friends of contributors and contributors only. Facebook is reportedly said to initially roll out the new feature to the US users before it hits global users.

The idea of this feature actually generated on one of the hackathon sessions of Facebook employees where they talk about innovations and ideas regarding the improvement of social networking platform.

However, the latest shared photo album feature on the Facebook which allows the creation of shared photo album is quite helpful to record events like wedding, trips and even get-together by sharing the different pictures of the same occasion taken by different people.

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