COVID-19 And Social Media: The Unusual Combo That’s Saving Lives


The world-crippling COVID-19 pandemic has shut several doors, forcing us to stay indoors for survival. But, it has also opened several new doors and in some cases, some windows and tabs too, even if it's only virtual. Over the past year, we've seen a massive dynamic shift where the world radically moved from physical reality to a virtual world led by social media platforms like never before.

COVID-19 And Social Media: The Unusual Combo That’s Saving Lives

Social Media: By, Of, For The People

A major part of living in the virtual world happens on social media platforms. We've witnessed social media interaction like never before in 2020. The year 2020 saw trends that swept across the world; be it baking sourdough or dancing to the tunes of "Savage Love."

But not everything's hunky dory! India has been hit by another wave of the COVID-19 virus, which is believed to be far worse than last year. Interestingly, social media platforms have come to the rescue in these desperate times. These virtual platforms have opened new doors of opportunity to help one and another, surpassing physical barriers.

COVID-19 And Social Media: The Unusual Combo That’s Saving Lives

Social Media To The Rescue!

If you open Twitter or Facebook, you'll find your feed flooded with requests and outcries for help. Be it for oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, or even basic contact details. If you dig in deeper, you'll find hundreds, if not thousands of people commenting with helpline numbers, sending contact details, offering potential locations to get oxygen and medicines.

Further, you'll find people posting verified information and healthcare tips on their Instagram Stories and feed. You'll find links to healthcare centers and NGOs helping out in these times. At times when you're looking for any possible leads, social media has paved the way to get help, truly coming to the rescue.

COVID-19 And Social Media: The Unusual Combo That’s Saving Lives

Social Media: Presenting Reality Without Sugarcoating It

Social media is also a highway for free expression. Over the past few days, we've been seeing shocking and devastating photos and reports about the COVID-19 crisis. From videos of burning grounds to the piling line of victims who have succumbed to the virus.


While people across borders have been reaching out and helping each other, social media platforms are also showing the grim reality of the situation. Honest and live videos and photos are helping to better understand the crisis, encouraging people to wear masks and stay at home.

COVID-19 And Social Media: The Unusual Combo That’s Saving Lives

Social Media Trends: Been There, Still Doing That

One of the worst-hit segments of the COVID-19 crisis is healthcare. With the number of cases rising, doctors are feeling helpless, unable to cope with the mounting stress. They too have taken to social media channels to lash out at people who are refusing to wear masks even now.

Just before the massive wave hit us, a video of doctors dancing to a popular trend went viral. But now, we only see doctors and other healthcare personnel wrapped in PPE kits and battling to save lives while putting their own on the line. Yet, social media platforms are a solace where doctors can share and express the brutality of the virus and the importance of taking precautions.

Once again, social media has become the go-to platform for all needs. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a helpline solution. Simple memes and funny videos are helping people combat stress. In ways unimagined, social media is helping people in big and small ways during this pandemic.

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