Facebook 'Professional Mode' Goes Global: Here's How Creators Can Earn

Facebook 'Professional Mode' Goes Global: Here's How Creators Can Earn

Meta has confirmed the "Professional Mode" profile setting is being rolled out across the world. The setting is expected to benefit content creators on Facebook. It could unlock several monetization options, including ads and pay-to-view posts. Facebook has been testing Professional Mode with a few content creators since late last year, and moving forward, the same will gradually be available to anyone using the social media platform. Let's see what features and benefits are being offered to content creators, and how they will impact users.


Facebook 'Professional Mode' Benefits And Features

Facebook users must have seen "Pages". The majority of regularly updated Facebook Pages are usually professionally managed. These can, and mostly are, monetized through multiple channels. Meta seems to be extending these Pages to individual accounts.

Professional Mode is similar to Pages, as it offers creators the ability to create or build a separate profile. The profile created via Professional Mode appears independent of the user's main profile and is designed by Meta to not just build a presence but also earn revenue from the content posted on these profiles. In a blog post, Facebook has outlined the purpose of professional mode.

"Professional mode allows you to build a global audience of followers, while still staying connected to friends and family from your personal Facebook profile. As you post public content, you'll have access to features designed to help you obtain and engage new followers that were previously only available on Pages".

Facebook Professional Mode profile setting, gives access to tools that offer page analytics and monetization features as well. Facebook's "Reels Play bonus" is included in the tools, and it allows content creators to earn from Facebook Reels.

Another important feature accessible via the Professional Mode is "Stars". Although dependent on Reels for monetization, Stars lets creators earn directly from their followers on Reels, live as well as on-demand video.


Creators having access to professional mode will get "Subscriptions" as well. The feature is in the testing phase and hasn't been launched yet. However, it promises to give creators the option to share subscriber-only content on the social network.

Facebook Users Will Have To Endure More Ads?

Meta claims the Professional Mode is a way to "build a public following, earn money from various monetization programs, and connect with your audience in more meaningful ways." It is certainly a way to increase professional and creative users on the platform. Such users could see the potential of a new revenue stream.

Meta would obviously need active and sustained participation of content creators, and hence the worldwide availability of the Professional Mode profile setting makes sense. However, ordinary Facebook users, who would view the content, would now have to brace themselves for mode ads and promotional content.

Meta is launching in-stream ads for eligible creators using professional mode. This will enable ads before, during, or after, longer videos on demand on Facebook. Additionally, Meta is testing ads that will be displayed in Facebook Reels. The company claims the modified ad format integrates into Reels. In other words, ads are being placed not only on Reels but also in between looping Reels.

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