Here are 10 amazing 360° videos every person can enjoy on Facebook!

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Facebook is taking big steps by enabling 360° videos and photos. The social media company also has its own VR headset, the Oculus Rift, soon to be released to gamers. With the coming age of virtual reality, it seems this the best time to bring in more people onboard with 360° virtual reality content.

There have been many 360° videos posted and some of them developed by Facebook themselves. We take a look at some of the best 360° virtual content. So get your handset and tablets ready (and VR headset, if you have them) for the ride of your life.

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Dragons, walking dead, a game played by many families to survive and capture the Iron Throne. This interactive video will take you through Westeros in the opening credits of the show.


This video is amazing to watch as you see the citizens take part in the state celebrations. The country is really secretive in every way. At least you get of glimpse of them this way.


If you fell in love with Rey from The Force Awakens, then you can imagine yourself riding along with her on the speeder on Jaaku. Ride past the ruins of the Star Destroyers and visit the planet yourself.

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You can enjoy a deep dive with the monsters of the sea from the comfort of your home. If you're scared of experiencing this adventure in real life you can enjoy it on your phone now.


This video is just great for a VR experience. Enjoying watching aerobatics, then this really is a video you need to watch. It puts you right in the cockpits of The Blue Angels, who are the US Navy's flight demonstration squadron.


National Geographic have been creating the best 360° videos. And all of them are just breathtaking. Here is the first video that they made at Victoria Falls, which marks the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Here is definitely one reason you need to get a drone of your own too.


This place is famous for many reasons, one of them being snow to play around with. A lot of snow! If you want to relive that Christmas time in New York's Time Square, then you should head over here.


This gaming title has been among the most awaiting. And when the trailer came out, fans went bonkers. Realizing that VR was here to stay, the company released the trailer again. This time in 360° video, only to find that the crowd became awestruck by the new world and details. Check it out!


Can't afford the money and time to go to outer space? Well, don't worry. Strap yourself onto this balloon, and drift your way to outer space. Just, don't let go!

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The scenic, white, beautiful landscape of Antarctica can be enjoyed right here while we wait for the monsoons to set in. National Geographic, as usual, has created a content that can take you through to a different world from the comfort of your home. Watch it here!

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