Here are 5 Strange Effects of Social Media on Your Brain

    Are you spending half of your time tweeting, liking others' posts, commenting and sharing? Have you ever thought about the harmful effects of social media on your brain?

    Here are 5 Strange Effects of Social Media on Your Brain

    It's no understatement that social media is a phenomenon now that is firmly entrenched in our modern lifestyle.

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    However, researches and studies have found that although human brain is able to adapt to any change, but the acceleration of the Internet and social media imprint a massive effect on our mind and brain affecting our concentration and social compatibility.

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    Here at GIZBOT we have brought you some alarming effects of overuse of social media on our brain.

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    It Alters Your Appetite

    Today, it is called the 'food porn'. This has nearly the same addictive effect on the human brain that a real one does. Photos can activate the brain's reward center and compel viewers to overeat.

    It Makes You Spend More Money

    The Internet and social media become an addictionbe it come in any form such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Once you get addicted to it, you are likely to recharge your net pack over and over not willing to get disconnected from the social buzz. This way, social media makes you spend more money.

    Butcher of Real-Life Conversations

    People tend to feel more comfortable with their online friends than with their real-life ones. It makes you aloof from being social in your physical life.

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    Hurts your self-esteem

    People have surveyed that they felt lonely, frustrated or angry after spending time on Facebook often due to perceived inadequacies when they compare themselves to friends.

    Best in Multi-tasking? Think again

    It's a perceived idea among all that if you are online always or sticking to your computer screen you're likely to get more work done with one click. But one the real side, it's not true. Social media makes your brain tired and makes you slow at work due to less concentration.

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