Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweets Resignation Letter: Users Respond With Memes


Twitter was taken by a storm when CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey resigned from his position. Indian-born Parag Agarwal has taken over Twitter's reins now. Interestingly, Dorsey tweeted his resignation letter and his message to the entire Twitter family. Naturally, Twitter has responded with comments of memes and other humor banter!


Dorsey said his decision

To note, Dorsey said his decision to step down from the CEO position is apt as he believes the company is ready to move on from its founders. The tweet also mentioned Parag Agarwal becoming the new CEO of the company after the board ran a rigorous process.

Agarwal Responds To Dorsey With Tweet

Following his predecessor, Parag Agarwal responded to Dorsey's tweet with a retweet! "Deep gratitude for @jack and our entire team, and so much excitement for the future," he tweeted in a response to the resignation letter by Dorsey. To note, Agarwal joined Twitter as the CTO and was chosen after a 'rigorous processor'.


Twitter CEO Quits Twitter

Apart from Agarwal, a lot of Twitter users have been commenting on Dorsey's tweet. For instance, @benjaminbutter commented: "Even the founder of Twitter has quit Twitter." A movement to quit social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has been around for a while now. The comments on Dorsey quitting Twitter have sparked humor as well as reminded people to quit social media if they have to!

Dorsey Moving Full-Time To Crypto?

For the unaware, Twitter was only one of the companies that Dorsey co-founded. Apart from this, he is also a huge part of Square Inc, a financial service and digital payments company. Dorsey co-founded Square along with McKelvey. The company has also had a keen interest in cryptocurrency.

Now that Dorsey is resigning from Twitter, people have been asking if he's shifting his focus on crypto and other digital payments. @cz_binance commented: "Welcome to full-time crypto?". Dorsey could expand his digital payments company as well as dive deeper into cryptocurrencies.

Twitter Demands Continue To Rise

Keeping Dorsey's tweet aside, many have been congratulating Agarwal on his rise to the CEO of the huge microblogging site. That said, people have also been demanding a few changes on the popular platform. Here, @AdvaityaC commented, "Please give us an Edit option while commenting."

The demand to edit tweets and comments has been around for a while now. In fact, there's even a trending thread on Twitter that talks about the editing button on Twitter! Users have now begun addressing the edit button issue to the new CEO.

Indians Proud Of New Indian-born CEO

Congratulations and well wishes seem to be pouring on Twitter as Parag Agarwal took over Twitter as the new CEO. While complaints and requests have also been dominating the comments section, a lot of people are also proud of Agarwal, especially fellow Indians.

A meme comment by @kadak_chai_ highlights the Indian-origin CEOs of Microsoft, Google, and now Twitter. The comment also included a reaction on how Indians worldwide are feeling about the rise of Indians in leadership roles in major companies.

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