Google doodle celebrates New Horizons' Pluto fly-by

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As NASA's New Horizons probe moves closer to Pluto, Google has created a doodle to honour the historic moment that will reveal the mysterious world of the dwarf planet for the first time.

Google doodle celebrates New Horizons' Pluto fly-by

Google Doodle shows a small illustration of the probe spinning around the dwarf planet to honour its ground-breaking journey.

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According to NASA, images captured by New Horizons will be invaluable to the space discovery.

Google doodle celebrates New Horizons' Pluto fly-by

New Horizons is currently three billion miles away from Earth and just two-and-a-half-million miles from Pluto.

On Tuesday, New Horizons will pass about 12,500 km from Pluto.

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It will zip past Pluto at 49,600 km per hour, with a suite of seven science instruments busy gathering data.

The mission will complete the initial reconnaissance of the solar system with the first-ever look at the icy dwarf planet.

Source: IANS

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