Google+ rolls out Hangouts on Air

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Google Plus has announced the Hangouts on Air feature to all the users across the world. This features allows the users of the social network to go live in front of the entire world. All one has to do to enable the service is check the option Enable Hangouts On Air.

Users can broadcast their live hangouts from websites, YouTube channels or Google Plus streams to the others. During a particular broadcast, the user can look inside the hangout to see how many people are watching it live.

Once the user goes offline, the social network will upload a public recording of the broadcast to user's YouTube channel and to the original Google+ post. This way the users can easily share and discuss their broadcasts after its over, claims the Engineering Director of Google Plus, Chee Chew.

Recently, Google Plus received a major overhaul. This is first feature added to the social network after the change in design.  after that. As of now, the service is not available to all the users. It will be rolled out to everyone gradually in some weeks. Hangouts on Air was introduced last year to some broadcasters. It let them go live with fans and friends and helped them to get noticed.

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