Google Plus gets new look [Video]

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Google Plus gets new look [Video]

Its been 10 months since Google Plus, the social network was launched. The social network has 170 million users as of now. Google Plus has undergone its first major makeover after so long. The reason behind these changes is to keep in pace with the rivals.

Although, the network has a large user base, the users spend very less time on it as opposed to the other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Google Plus is claimed to be flexible and functional.

Previously, it had static icons on top. Now, it has made a dynamic ribbon of applications at the left. The users can drag the most used apps up and the less used down. You can have apps that are used very often and hide the rest by moving them to More. Check out the video to know all changes are made to the social network.

The photo display has been made larger and the conversation cards are created to make it easy to search and join the discussions. A dedicated Hangouts page and new Explore page are also available. These new improvements will be rolled out to all the users in some days.

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