Happy New Year 2014: Google Doodle Comes With Full Party Mood

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The last doodle of the year from Google has been posted on the search page today to bid 2013 year goodbye. Google has been quite successful in making people happy this year by offering number of doodles on several special occasions.

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Happy New Year 2014: Google Doodle Comes With Full Party Mood

After the Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas season, now it's time for New Year celebration, which Google marked with an animated doodle. The doodle is not interactive but animated this time. When you hover the mouse over the doodle, it reads 'Happy New Year!' and is linked to important stories of the year 2013.

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The jumping numbers 2, 0, 1, 3 left, right and center makes the doodle a moving tribute to the year 2013 while the 2014 animation character in the same doodle keeps waiting. Every digits in the 2013 has a pair of hands and the movements of the digits makes it dance. In the background, two speakers are seen playing music uniformly.

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Also below the search bar, users can see a search engine displays a caption that reads 'What did the world search for this year? Remember the moments of 2013'. And once you click the link, users will be directed to the Google Zeitgeist 2013 page that highlights some of the major events of the year in a 1.31-minute video.

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