Elon Musk Dumps 'Official' Label: What Does Twitter Blue Checkmark Mean Now?

Elon Musk Dumps 'Official' Label

Twitter seems to have backtracked on the just-introduced "Official" label, which was to denote truly verified Twitter accounts. Musk has indicated that Twitter would be conducting a lot of experiments. Let's see the possible reasons behind scrapping the label and what could lie ahead for the official accounts.


Musk Scraps Official Label, Blue Checkmark Stays

Twitter unveiled a new label for high-profile accounts yesterday. The new grey "Official" label became visible on a select few Twitter accounts that once sported the Blue Tick checkmark. Simply put, Twitter seemed to have reintroduced the old verification system, wherein the micro-blogging network would offer a way to denote a verified account.

Strangely, Musk scrapped the concept. The grey label had just started appearing on accounts of many prominent Twitter handles, only to start disappearing a few hours later. Musk tried to brush off the reversal by reportedly saying"

"Please note that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months. We will keep what works & change what doesn't."

Musk confirmed he was dumping the Official label in response to a tweet from Marques Brownlee (@MKBD) about the "Official" badge. The new CEO of Twitter said, "I just killed it."

The Official label arrived shortly after Twitter launched the revamped and pricier Twitter Blue subscription. The new $7.99 per month subscription offers a blue checkmark which was previously reserved for verified accounts. Twitter Blue doesn't seem to have any credible verification system, and instead, sells the Blue Tick.

How Would Twitter Denote A Verified Account?

The Official label started appearing on some of the Twitter accounts that may have undergone Twitter's older verification system. Before Musk's takeover, the Blue Tick was free.
Twitter used to conduct its own verification and usually reserved the Blue Tick for famous journalists, government institutions, disaster management bodies, celebrities, and other personalities. The platform claimed a verified account was meant for a person who has a credible influence on society.


The Official label seemed to follow the same pattern. However, with Musk dumping the concept, Twitter is back to the blue checkmark, which can be bought for $7.99 per month. Currently, there's no way to identify an account that Twitter previously verified.

Musk's "Blue check will be the greater leveler" tweet seems to imply Twitter might adopt a new approach to the verification system. Presently, Twitter lacks any verification process and hence, the blue checkmark merely becomes a sticker slapped on an account that has subscribed to Twitter Blue.

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