Twitter Blue Subscription Prices May Be Higher For iPhone Users Due To ‘Apple Tax’?

Twitter Blue Subscription Prices May Be Higher For iPhone Users

Twitter is still to relaunch the revised Twitter Blue subscription. However, Elon Musk may charge iPhone users a premium price for subscribing. The Twitter CEO is reportedly considering lowering the price for Twitter accounts that purchase Twitter Blue subscriptions from the company's website. But an iPhone user, who pays for the subscription via the Apple App Store, may have to pay more.


Apple iPhone Users To Pay More For Twitter Blue Subscription?

The revised Twitter Blue subscription isn't available to new subscribers. The subscription was suspended because it allowed a lot of internet trolls to impersonate famous personalities and big companies, and spread misinformation.

One of Elon Musk's first changes at Twitter after acquiring the social media platform was to revise the Twitter Blue subscription. Musk raised the monthly subscription price but promised the coveted Blue Tick to everyone who subscribed.

Although Twitter Blue remains suspended, its subscription price could go up or down depending on users' devices and payment platforms.

Elon Musk is reportedly considering charging $7 (approx. ₹580) to users who choose to pay for the subscription on Twitter's main website. However, users who pay for the subscription from the Apple App Store may have to pay as much as $11 (approx. ₹900)

Is Elon Musk Trying To Bypass "Apple Tax"?

Elon Musk wasn't happy with Apple and the way it was controlling the iOS App Store. In fact, he had declared a "war" against Apple a week before his meeting with Tim Cook. Incidentally, Musk met Apple chief executive Tim Cook at Apple headquarters and tweeted there were no issues after that. He had reportedly believed that Twitter was to be removed from Apple's App Store. Musk confirmed Apple never considered taking down the Twitter app.

Such developments completely contradict the latest report about higher Twitter Blue prices only for iPhone users. It appears Apple has not budged about its 30 percent commission, commonly referred to as "Apple Tax".


Simply put, Musk could be trying to force iPhone users to pay Apple's commission. Apple cannot stop Musk from charging a different price on Twitter's website, but if Musk persists, the iPhone maker may take down the Twitter app for violating its policies.

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