Timeline haters ought to be cautious of scammers

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Timeline haters ought to be cautious of scammers


Facebook's new profile page look, Timeline is rolling out to all the 800 million users in the network and not all of the will love this feature. There are some who dislike this Timeline feature and this is an advantage for the scammers.

The scammers are playing a role here in convincing the users to provide them with the access to the user data. The scammers make use of the applications in Facebook to offer the users a way to get back their old profile. The applications will have the titles like Deactivate your Facebook Timeline. These applications can be found easily by the search function.

If the users like these applications and interact with the instructions provided on the page, the users are giving the scammers the access to their Facebook profile unknowingly and allowing them to send spam messages thereby earning money when someone clicks on the link in the messages.

Some of the scam applications on the network have existed for over two weeks and they have collected over 70,000 likes from the users. Most the them will encourage the users to invite their friends as well to like them. The issue about Facebook is that it has not intimated to the users about the scam on its main security page or that the Timeline, once activated cannot be deactivated.

The Timeline feature was introduced in Facebook in December and not all users have opted to this. The feature is also launching for the app in iPhone. Right from the announcement of the feature in September, there were negative reactions from the public. Adding to this, the Timeline's launch was continuously delayed by the officials of the company for over a quarter.

Those users who have switched to the Timeline feature are already gaining the advantages like the cover photos, detailing of the past events and improving the security of the old posts.

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