TopCom: a social network for world leaders

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TopCom: a social network for world leaders


The social networking goes different as Vivek Ranadive, an Indian businessman has introduced a new social network, TopCom especially for the world leaders. This new network is a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Skype, email and SMS.

This site is targeted towards the world's upper crust and it will be launched at this week's WEF (World Economic Forum). This will surely grab the attention of the politicians and business people across the world as they will be gathered at the event.

Ranadive developed TopCom using Tibco Software and he aims to change world by motivating the top 200 leaders of the world to communicate with each other directly.

For instance, when there is some natural calamity like earthquake or tsunami in some country, the respective leader will post a video or a message on the profile that allows the others to conduct a video conference and aid the country in a quick way.

Sounds interesting isn't it? But when it comes to hacking, there is a serious issue. There should be a massive red light in that case. Tough both Tibco and Ranadive are well experienced in building strong and effective defensive systems, the TopCom can become a source for the hackers. The groups like Anonymous will never leave the world leaders social networking site trouble free.

The world leaders are actually in good terms of communication in the recent times and the emergence of a new social network for their sake raised a question if its necessary. Then comes the problems of usage. The accounts of politicians in Facebook and Twitter are actually operated by their staff as they do not have any time for it.

This will obviously have an impact on TopCom and its significance will surely diminish making it another messaging and news service.

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