Twitter: SOPA accounted over 2.4 mn tweets

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Twitter: SOPA accounted over 2.4 mn tweets

The Internet Blackout day gained support from the popular websites like Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and more. This is a protest made by the websites against the proposed anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA. To learn more on these bills read our article on SOPA and its effects.

This issue has lot of discussions on social networks including Twitter. The company has tweeted over 2.4 million tweets related to SOPA from the midnight to 4 PM in the Eastern time. The terms that were tweeted the most are Tell Congress, PIPA, Stop SOPA, SOPA and also #factswithoutwikipedia that refers to the Wikipedia's blackout day.

A spokesman of Twitter said that usually the company releases the stats of tweets per second for the events that create more buzz. But this time Twitter has not revealed and numbers for the SOPA.

When it comes to the support of Twitter offered to the SOPA, the micro-blogging website is supporting the protest in a way similar to Facebook. It is not blacking out the website but alters the site as a sign of opposition to the proposed US legislation.

The tweets were not only made by the public in order to maintain the free and open nature of the internet and to avoid censorship but also by executives on their personal accounts.

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