Twitter Trouble: Indian Government to Bar the Social Platform in 8 States

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Twitter Trouble: Indian Government to Bar the Social Platform in 8 States

Indian government is supposedly planning on issuing a ban on Twitter in 8 states across the country. The move came after the recent flee of north-eastern Indian community from various states in India which was caused upon by the circulation of hate messages through SMS

The government has observed that the content posted on social networking sites such as Twitter also had played a major role in igniting the crisis. A directive by the Department of Electronics and IT also known to be ‘DEIT’ has already been issued. DEIT is on talks regarding the implementation of the ban. There is also increasing concerns on whether it is possible to ban the microblogging service on a state wise basis in India. The known list of states where the ban would come into effect is likely Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. 

DEIT is already working on this directive being issued by the Home Ministry of India. The National Security Advisor and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister have already raised their objections regarding the ban. As per the Government sources, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have caused wide spread panic among the north-eastern community members thereby causing mass exodus from their homes in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and other major cities across India. 

The government has already placed some stringent restrictions on the websites that supposedly uploaded morphed images and videos for spreading the panic. As part of this, Government has already identified and blocked 130 websites and the rest of the identified websites will be blocked soon. There have been recent reports on Government issuing a strict warning to twitter that legal action will be sought if it fails to cooperate with the Government by taking off the offensive content targeting the North-Eastern community from its website. As per the reports, Indian Government has got a belated response from Twitter; the reason being cited is the unavailability of Twitter offices in India.

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