MacBook Air, MacBook Pro: Refreshed Apple Devices With Enhanced Specs to Debut in June 2013

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As if the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 and Apple iPhone 5S were not enough, the tech world has now started to talk about new upcoming devices from the Cupertino-based tech giant - MacBook Air and Pro 2013 models.

The newest report from the Taipei-based Digitimes has recently claimed that the successors of MacBook Air and Pro will debut in 2013 and the industrial design will not see any major changes in 2013.

Apple introduced the accentuated wedge aesthetic in late 2010 and and now the company will design the new models with the same look and feel, however a faster processor and will release in June 2013.

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro: Refreshed Apple Devices to Debut in June'13

While the report has not mentioned any detail about the displays, however, as the current high end MacBook Pro line sports Retina displays, hence a technology better than Retina display is expected in new lineup.

Further, a new chip platform is also widely expected with Intel in rumors to introduce its fourth generation Core "Haswell" processor at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013.

Moreover, Haswell is all about better power efficiency. So, Apple could feasibly squeeze Haswell into the same or slightly thinner design with longer battery life. Haswell is also expected to include a graphics processing unit (GPU) that delivers a bigger jump in performance compared with past generations of Core processors.

The report also believes that current MacBook Air models could see price drops ahead of the product refresh, but this would be unlike Apple's typical Mac upgrade strategy. Apple's common Mac update strategy is to succeed a current Mac model with the refreshed version without providing official price drops ahead of these refreshes.

The report does not offer specifics on the MacBook Pro revision, but with Apple redesigning its professional notebook last June, it is unlikely that the revision will be anything more than internal changes.

The report also says that Apple's MacBook shipments will reach 17 million units in 2013.

Processor updates to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines in June 2013 would come approximately one year after the last refreshes. Apple typically holds its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This would be the perfect venue to announce the rumored refreshes next year.

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