Contact Lenses With That Can Display Text Messages in the Pipeline

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Belgian scientists have invented a new technology by which text messages from phones can be projected directly to the contact lenses placed in the user's eyes. The telegraph reported that the centre of Micro-systems Technology at Ghent University has invented the spherical curved display which can be embedded within contact lenses that can receive messages through wireless technology.

The contact lens displays which were previously developed could make use of only a small number of tiny pixels to form an image. However, the new technology developed will allow the entire curved surface to be used efficiently. This is the foremost step towards developing contact lens displays which are fully pixilated. The innovation would result in a display with detailing as close to that of a television screen.

Researchers suggest several possible applications for the innovation. A fully covered contact lens made of a single pixel can be developed which can double up as adaptable sunglasses. According to Professor Herbert De Smet, the chief researcher of the project, the technology will not be a substitute for television screen. Instead it can be put to use for specific applications like projecting a text message from the smartphone or road directions right into the user's eyes.

Contact Lenses With That Can Display Text Messages in the Pipeline

The lenses have enormous potential medically too. An example being its potential use to control light transmitted into the iris, for people with damaged iris.
It can have applications in the cosmetic field as well. The day is not too long when a person can adjust his eye color depending on his/her mood.
De Smet said that they will be working on real, commercial applications of the technology now that the basic technology has been laid out. The applications are expected to be available in five years.

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