5 Reasons why 4G LTE has not impressed Mobile users in India?

    India has one of the worlds second largest mobile user base in the world.Internet speeds still continue to be slow for its users. Users are not still impressed with the speeds offered by Telecom operators.We already have 2G, 3G and now the new entrant is 4G LTE. Users are still stuck with 2G and 3G internet speeds. The internet speeds over here are too less so users wouldn't be very convinced to pay for 4G speeds telecom carriers charge exorbitantly for. 2G and 3G internet connections still continue to be majorly used and will take time for 4G speeds to come.Users have lost faith in telecom carriers for not delivering the promised speeds.

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    Indian consumers are happy with 2G speeds, while others are willing to pay for 3G, but the wait for 4G is still there.Airtel first launched 4G LTE networks in India, followed by Vodafone in Mumbai which will expand to other cities as well. Reliance Jio too will launch 4G LTE networks but it is initiall only for employees of Reliance. We can expect all the major Telecom carriers in India to offer 4G LTE networks.

    Lets look at 5 reasons why 4G LTE networks still don't impress mobile internet users in India:

    Low internet Speeds

    2G, 3G and 4g LTE will continue to co-exist as people prefer different speeds.Subscribers in India are not happy with the speeds offered on the current 2G and 3G networks. Also when there is an increase in the number of users, or if the traffic is high speeds often drop low. 2G still retains the lions share of the internet market and it will take time till users adopt to 3G and 4G LTE networks.

    Different Types of Devices

    There are just too many devices in the market.For example, Android has several variants. Users are still not sure if their phones will support 4G LTE networks. Some of them feel that it might require a high-end device. There is still a lack fo awareness about 4G LTE networks.

    Faster internet means more data usage

    Users are convinced that a faster internet connection means that they are tempted to use more internet. This means that they will end up exhausting their internet packs very fast. So you really can't hold on to your monthly subscription for 30 days and may be spending all your data in just 15 days.

    Call Drops

    Call Drops is a major issue with several Telcos. Customers are not convinced with the explanation of Telecom carriers on Call drops issue. 

    Do I really need 4G?

    Users are not really showing interest in 4G. They still seem to be happy with 2G and 3G speeds and whatever they could possibly do with it.They would not want to bet their money on 4G which is expected to be more costly than 3G and 2G networks.




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