Here's Why Calls from Reliance Jio Numbers Say “All lines in this route are busy”

This is the reason that the Reliance Jio Calls say "all lines in this route are busy" all the time.

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Reliance Jio 4G SIM is definitely a boon to many users who are using the data services of the network. But, those users of the Jio SIM card who are exploring beyond the data usage are sure to experience a lot of issues.

Here's Why Calls from Reliance Jio Numbers Say “All lines are busy

One problem faced by the Jio SIM card users is the issue in making calls and this has been consistent. Many users of the Jio SIM have might have heard this, "all lines in this route are busy" though that is not the case.

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Of course, the Reliance Jio users are facing glitches in the data connectivity as well as speed, but the calling issue is the worst one when they want to connect to a different network's number. There are a lot of reasons for the Jio calls not connecting issue and here we will take a look at the reasons.

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Network operators are blamed

The first thing that the Reliance Jio 4G SIM users do after facing the call connection issue is blame the network operators. The reason is that it is definitely not an issue with your SIM card or the device as you are able to make a call and get the tone that "all lines in this route are busy".

Interconnect points play a major role

The interconnect point plays a key role over here. When a call is made from a Jio number, the network operator that is intended to receive the call provides the interconnect point. When the point is allowed, the call will go through. There are specific number of interconnect points set by a network operator for every locality and tower for the other operators.

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Operators can control calls

The receiving network operator has the complete control on which operator can call them by allowing and blocking calls. Usually, the network operators will charge a specific cost for the incoming calls.

Reliance should pay for the calls made

Eventually, it is Reliance Jio that has to pay the other network network for them to allow the calls made from Jio numbers to their numbers. However, Reliance Jio network that works on data right now is not paying the others such as Vodafone, Airtel and Idea leading to call blocks from Jio to other telecom users.

Calls are blocked

Calls from Jio are not connected as networks are not busy, but blocked. Reliance Jio is blaming other service providers and they in turn are blaming Jio. This is a big blame that is played by the service providers.

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Jio to Jio calls are based on data

To be clear, the data based calls made from Jio to Jio numbers are connecting smoothly as there is no problem due to the interconnect points. The call connecting problems happen only when Jio numbers are used to call other network numbers.

We can expect things to get better after the commercial launch of the January 1, 2017. Anyways, we need to wait to know about the same.


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