Try These 6 Fixes to Resolve the Reliance Jio 4G Speed Throttling Issue

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When Reliance Jio entered the telecom market, it assured stable data speeds and the speed throttling issue is completely in contrast to what the company assured to provide with the 4G Preview Offer.

These 6 Fixes Will Resolve the Reliance Jio 4G Speed Throttling Issue

However, the Jio users are experiencing throttling speeds when they are engaged in heavy downloads. Some users are also complaining about the speed cap issue in the network after a few days. But, the Jio service states that there is no cap in the speed or data usage and that it is truly unlimited despite problems in the server in which users are downloading or streaming content.

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The fact is that when the users are downloading or streaming contents from the same server or from the same place using any 3G network, there is no issue with the same. This is a proof that they there is Jio 4G speed throttling issue.

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Take a look at the common throttling issues and fixes from here.

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Common speed throttling issues

The common Jio 4G speed throttling issues are detailed below.


  • Websites other than Google Play Store and YouTube are slow
  • YouTube is fine, but Play Store take a long time to load
  • Torrents is working fine, but websites providing direct downloading are slow
  • The browsing speed is fine, but the downloads experience speed throttling
  • Hotspot speed in smartphones is good, but internet speed in PC or Mac is slow while downloading


It is possible fix the speed throttling issue

The above mentioned issues are some that the Jio 4G users are facing. There are many other common complaints as well that are available on forums and online. Fortunately, there is a fix to resolve the speed throttling issue.

Lock the LTE network to Band 40

First, you need to make sure your LTE connection is locked to the Band 40 to enjoy best speed. The reason to lock on to the Band 40 is that it will give good speeds of up to 55 Mbps.

APN Settings

Then, reboot your smartphone after making changes in the APN setting if needed. You can configure APN in following form: APN Name: Jionet, Authentication: None, APN Type: Default, supl; Bearer: LTE. The other settings should be left unchanged.

All Jio apps should be installed

All the Jio apps should be installed on your smartphone. You install the MyJio app and tap on Install All to download all the apps and install them on your phone.

Check for the maximum signal

You need to change the mobile location to make sure you get the maximum signal strength as it is needed for a good connectivity and speed.

Use USB Tethering

Instead of using the mobile hotspot connection, you can use the USB tethering option. The reason is that some mobiles have mobile hotspot of limited range and capacity.

Clear cache in mobile

From the settings of your phone, go to storage and and clear the cache. This will make the connection faster.

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