China Leading 6G Research With Early-Stage Tests; Commercial Launch Set for 2030

China Leading 6G Research With Early-Stage Tests

Though 5G is at a nascent stage, the development of 6G has already debuted. Similar to the strategy followed with 5G technology, Chinese companies are ahead in the development of next-gen wireless connectivity — 6G. ZTE is leading the 6G trials and has already conducted five tests.


As per a report by ITHome via GizChina, ZTE, a Chinese handset and telecom gear maker has joined hands with the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to run a sample test of a tech that will be important for 6G.

ZTE Conducts 6G Test

ZTE has provided some of its staff and equipment used in the tests. The five tests that ZTE took part in are the 6G terahertz key tech concept sample, 6G computing power network key tech concept sample, 6G distributed autonomous network, and digital twin network concept sample, 6G intelligent metasurface tech concept sample, and 6G communication perception integration key tech concept sample.

The report stated that the results of the test were good but it is still in the early stages to compare it to the potential of 5G. Besides China, even the US and Europe are carrying out 6G research. In the states, Huawei and ZTE are banned so they have turned to Nokia and Ericsson for this purpose. Recently, Ericsson announced that it will invest millions into the 6G research in the UK.

6G Launch Expected for 2030

Last year, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) announced that the country leads when it comes to intellectual property related to 6G. The CNIPA also added of the nearly 38,000 patents related to 6G globally, 13,449, that is nearly 35% are from China. The US trials are behind with 18% of the 6G patents.


Reportedly, Ericsson follows a ten-year plan and estimates that 6G could be available commercially sometime in 2030. While the standards of 6G need to be discussed, some believe that the download speeds could hit 1Tbps, which makes it 1,000 faster than 1Gbps, claimed to be offered by 5G networks.

Given that 5G is yet to be fully deployed, we can expect it to enable remote surgery, self-driving vehicles, and many other use cases. That said, it is currently difficult to consider what could be the use cases of 6G, which is said to deliver top speeds of 1Tbps. One thing that we can be sure of is that 6G speeds will let people do things faster than ever before.

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