Forget 5G, Japan To Launch 6G Wireless Technology By 2030


We are in the anticipation of 5G wireless network, which promises to offer gigabit-class download and upload speeds. Compared to the 4G network, the 5G network should offer a better range and connectivity as well. We at least need another year for the deployment of 5G network hardware in India and the testing might take another year.

Forget 5G, Japan To Launch 6G Wireless Technology By 2030

Though India is still lagging behind the 5G network race, some countries have already moved on from 5G and are working on a 6G network. Japan's NTT Docomo is said to launch its 6G wireless service in 2030. In the next few days, Japan's government officials will set a panel to develop a proper strategy to work on the 6G wireless network technology.

This is a part of "post-5G" development and as per the earlier claims, the 6G network should offer 10x faster internet speed compared to the 5G network. This is not just theory anymore, as NTT Docomo has already invested a whopping $2.03 billion on the research and development of the 6G technology.

Advantages Of 6G Technology

As of now, there is no possible information on the 6G technology. Considering any technology upgrade, 6G technology is likely to fix some of the issues found on the 5G technology and is likely to offer better rage, connectivity, and internet speeds.

The capabilities of the 5G technology go beyond the mobile network. In fact, it will be used in multiple sectors like agriculture, medicine, research, and education. The 6G technology is definitely expected to have additional applications.

6G In India

It is too early even to talk about the 5G technology in India. However, India being one of the biggest markets in the world will get 5G, probably after 2030 and it might take a few more years for the 6G rollout compared to countries like the US and Japan.



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