Is Reliance Really Issuing Jio SIM Cards for Everyone?

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Reliance was made public by the company's chairman at their AGM on September 1. However, at that time, Ambani said that any user will be able to get a Jio SIM card starting September 5.

Is Reliance Really Issuing Jio SIM Cards for Everyone?

Initially, the service will be made available to top-tier cities- Mumbai and Delhi, however, we found that the SIM cards are being issued all over the country irrespective of the priority cities.

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The main reason behind all this fame is any user with the network is eligible to use the services offered by Jio for three months or up to end of the year. But, there's a catch. Each user can use a maximum of 4GB of data per day and after that, the speed will be decreased to 128kbps.

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There are a lot of people over the country who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on a Jio SIM card, but most of them are facing problems. Some of the general problems are listed which are said by store officials.

No Jio SIM cards

The popularity keeps on increasing day-by-day for the telecom company. Due to the increasing demand, the company is unable to distribute SIM cards for everyone who visit the store. Well, this is irritating for many, but Reliance needs to catch up the situation as Ambani promised they are ready for any sort of demand.

Well, this is one side, nonetheless, the other side of this might be Reliance is ignoring their customers for some reasons.

Is Reliance Really Issuing Jio SIM Cards for Everyone?

Waiting for Activation

Some users may get their hands on the SIM cards, yet they are facing issues with the activation of the SIM card. It was a personal experience with me as I waited for almost 20 days to get it activated. Meanwhile, I have been to the Reliance store for five times, but the store guys are helpless.

One thing is for sure. The Jio SIM will be activated, though the user needs to wait for a long time. Absolutely long time.

Is Reliance Really Issuing Jio SIM Cards for Everyone?

No Official Word from Reliance

All these things apart. Now, the major part is at the time of the announcement, Mukesh Ambani insisted that they are ready for everything, but where is that spirit now? Did they launch the service only because of the pressure from COAI?

Is Reliance Really Issuing Jio SIM Cards for Everyone?

Already, there is a lot of rumors going on through the internet that Jio is fooling the customers, but the ultimate answer every Jio fan is expecting from the mouth of Ambani. Let's hope that Reliance will solve all these issues and offer better customer service.

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