Here are 5 cool things about Hyundai's 'Iron Man' suit

    Hyundai has a lot on its mind when it released in its post about the exoskeleton suit it has been working on. The new suit is identical to the one that Tom Cruise wears in the action/thriller Edge Of Tomorrow. The company's vision is to bring these units to workers in factories and other production units to enable them to carry heavy materials from point to another with great safety.

    Here are 5 ways this technology can benefit the industries that are soon to be set up in the wake of Make In India:

    5 cool things about Hyundai's 'Iron Man' suit

    Safety for all

    The exoskeleton brings a lot of safety features in it. Carrying large materials, albeit without any proper safety precautions has led to the death of many workers in our country. These exoskeletons provide protection to the worker in case of any accidents.

    5 cool things about Hyundai's 'Iron Man' suit

    Heavy becomes lightweight

    Carrying heavy weights can be seen a lot in the gym, and that is good. But to risk your life to carry heavy materials while you build great standing structures or handling heavy equipment is no stunt. These exoskeletons aim to reduce the stress that humans exert when lifting heavy materials up the stairs or over long distances (up to hundreds of kilos)

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    5 cool things about Hyundai's 'Iron Man' suit


    It is designed to be used for many industries that exist in different countries. Not only can it be beneficial for the manufacturing industries, but it can also be used in the military and also in the medical industry.

    5 cool things about Hyundai's 'Iron Man' suit

    H-LEX Mark 2

    The new exoskeleton is an upgraded design of the H-LEX (Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton), another exoskeleton that assisted senior citizens and those physically disabled to walk with comfort. The previous iteration was more lightweight for users, and the company has plans to upgrade this into a new suit for industrial purposes.

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    5 cool things about Hyundai's 'Iron Man' suit

    Future industries could use this

    The Make In India initiative is bringing in many more manufacturers from around the world to set up their factories in India. Using these new machines will not only improve the production process but will also ensure the safety of both workers and equipment.


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