We could see Samsung Gear VR coming with "head recognition" abilities in near future

Samsung is also planning to make a Gear VR that will have an OLED 2000ppi display.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 earned a lot of praise for offering an enhanced level of security to its users. As many of you may know, the phone can be unlocked in three different ways; through the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, the iris scanner and using the face detection tool.

Samsung Gear VR could come with

However, any of these methods wouldn't come to any use if the smartphone is inside the Samsung Gear VR headset. In that case, users will have to first get the device out, unlock it, and then put it back again. Seems like a hassle, doesn't it? Well, things will hopefully change soon as Samsung may have figured out a way to solve this issue. So, VR fans pay close attention.

We say this as Samsung has just filed a patent for an authentication method for "head mounted display device" such as the Gear VR. We have got this information from Galaxy Club. Making it clear, the company plans to make a system that would be able to recognize the shape of one's head.

Samsung Gear VR could come with

The system will have a slew of sensors for detecting physical variables like pressure, bending and stretching. After analyzing the data collected, the headset will determine the exact size and shape of the user. Then it will decide whether to unlock the smartphone or not.

It goes without saying that a patent application doesn't necessarily mean we will get to see the product in real. Whatever the case, Samsung is putting a lot of effort to make its Gear VR stand out.

Recently a report suggested that the company is planning to introduce a new Gear VR headset that will have an OLED display with the resolution of 2000ppi. It also said that, unlike the current Gear VR, the upcoming VR glasses wouldn't require the use of your phone.

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