Syska Smartwatch SW100 Review: Smartband In A Smartwatch’s Body


Smartwatches and fitness bands have surged in popularity in the past few years. A lot of companies have dipped their hands in the smart wearable waters, giving customers a plethora ofoptions to choose from. Syska is the latest entrant in the wearable category with the Syska Smartwatch SW100 that offers a few unique features.


Syska Smartwatch SW100 Review




Display: 1.3-inch TFT LCD
Battery: 210 mAh
Bluetooth version: BLE4.2
Weight: 31g
Waterproof grade: IP68

Syska Smartwatch SW100 ships for Rs. 3,999

The new Syska Smartwatch SW100 ships for Rs. 3,999, which sounds reasonable for a smartwatch. It comes with a couple of sensors and a long-lasting battery but packs limited options. This detailed review analyzes where Syska has done it right and where it has failed.

Comfortable Design With Changeable Straps

Comfortable Design With Changeable Straps

One of the best aspects of the Syska Smartwatch SW100 is its comfortable design. It features a square digital screen that suits even small hands. The compact 1.3-inch TFT LCD is sleek and stylish. The sensors on the Syska smartwatch, like all other fitness bands, are placed below the display. Above the sensor, the smartwatch has four magnetic clamps for charging. The smartwatch also has silicon straps that can be removed and changed according to preference. Of course, you'll need to shell out more money for additional straps - but it's still makes for a stylish look.

Do note, the screen on the Syska Smartwatch SW100 doesn't support touch controls. Instead, Syska has packed a single touch-button to navigate the smartwatch. This could be a bit annoying at first, but makes sense once you get the hang of it. To operate, you'll need to either press or long-press the home button depending on what you wish to select. This too requires some time to get used to.

Speaking of the display

Speaking of the display, the Syska smartwatch has very minimal waterproofing. For the asking price, it offers protection for activities like swimming in shallow waters. It also works fine when exposed to rain or water splashes. But the watch isn't meant for underwater diving or surfing. In other words, it lacks ATM water resistance, which is a drawback as many fitness bands in a similar price bracket offer much more.

Also, there are a couple of watch faces to choose from to suit your style. The home screen presents a clean clutter-free interface. There is only the time, the battery indicator, and a Bluetooth symbol. The notifications appear on top of the display for messages and the call alerts occupy the entire screen. Another slightly annoying factor is that the notifications keep vibrating till you press the home button.

Performance Evaluation: Limited Options To Choose From

Performance Evaluation: Limited Options To Choose From

At the same time, there aren't many options to select from, which ironically makes operating it easier! There are very few options to navigate on the Syska Smartwatch SW100 and those are steps tracker, BMP monitor, sports choices, and lastly ‘More'. The More option also includes - Relax, Stopwatch, and About. The lack of multiple sports option is a bit of a letdown as there are many fitness bands (and smartwatches) in the same price bracket offering so much more.

The Syska smartwatch comes with outdoor/indoor running, walking, cycling, elliptical machine, rower, and yoga. Moreover, you get more options that are meant for advanced workouts like strength training, lifting weights, and so on. More importantly, to access options like Yoga or elliptical machine, it needs to be done on the app. The smartwatch itself has very limited options and other sports need to be accessed on the app.

 few features that I loved

On the brighter side, there are a few features that I loved about the Syska smartwatch. I found the Relax feature to be unique as it helps you relax and bring down your heart rate. The smartwatch vibrates at equal intervals indicating to inhale and exhale. It's quite a simple feature but helps to cool down after a workout or even calm down when stressed. Since the commands to inhale/exhale are indicated via vibrations, you can even close your eyes and relax.


Sedentary Alert

Some of the other features I liked it the Sedentary Alert that promptly reminds you to get up and move around after sitting idle for too long. The Sedentary Alert can be set on the app, where you can choose the time-frame at your preference. The smartwatch also gives you a long vibrating alert when you complete a goal, for instance, the number of steps set for a day.

Syska Fit App: Easy To Use

Syska Fit App: Easy To Use

Like all fitness bands, the app is where most of the data is recorded. Once paired and synced with the Syska Fit app, you can do a few more activities with your smartwatch. For one, you can access a few more sports via the app. Also, the app is where you can set your goals like the number of steps for a day or the time limit for the Sedentary Alert, and more. The app is also where you can give permissions to receive notifications and call alerts on the smartwatch.

 Syska Fit app

The Syska Fit app offers more input about your health data. The Details tab on the app helps you monitor your health regarding your sleep, heart rate, and your activities. The week-based graph helps you get an idea of where you stand and how regular you are with your workouts/sports.

Good, Long Lasting Battery Performance

Good, Long Lasting Battery Performance

The battery of the Syska Smartwatch SW100 needs a special mention. The company claims the smartwatch lasts an average of 15 days on a single charge and lasts around 40 days on standby mode. Of course, this would completely depend on how you use it. I've been using the smartwatch for 10 days now, and I've charged it only once, just before using it!

210 mAh battery

The 210 mAh battery on the smartwatch is quite long-lasting. The charger is a small rectangular magnetic charging unit with a USB cable. It clicks with the magnetic board and the smartwatch and roughly takes two hours to completely charge the smartwatch. When the battery percentage reaches below 35%, it automatically switches to power saving that is indicated by the change in color in the battery indicator on the home screen. All in all, the battery of the Syska smartwatch earns good scores.

Syska Smartwatch SW100 Verdict: Not The Only Option

Syska Smartwatch SW100 Verdict: Not The Only Option

Syska is a brand that's known for its lighting solutions. Over time, the company has ventured into other products like home appliances and even personal care products. The Syska Smartwatch SW100 is the company's debut into wearable technology and it's not bad for a new venture.

smartwatch can work on

That being said, there are many areas where the smartwatch can work on. I've kept stressing on the limited number of options because even fitness bands have much more to give. I compare the Syska smartwatch with a fitness band because that's how it feels - a smart band in a smartwatch form. To conclude, the Syska smartwatch has a good design, a great battery, and a few unique features. But it can still do a lot more!

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