5 interesting facts to know about Samsung Gear VR headsets

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Samsung launched its VR headset in January this year. The VR headset has been one of the innovations of Samsung.Samsung's VR headsets have been a highlight, since they accessorize the latest of its high-end flagships. Samsung VR headsets are a great way of entertainment given its app-ecosystem. Samsung VR headsets work with Galaxy Smartphones. Coupled with its App ecosystem, Samsung VR headsets are a great way of entertainment.

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Let's look at five interesting things about the Samsung Gear VR:

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Samsung has VR headsets that Apple doesn't


Samsung has its own line of VR headsets, something that Apple doesn't. Samsung's VR headset line puts it ahead of Apple which still doesn't have its line of VR headsets.

Samsung smartphones have a huge market share


While Samsung has a huge market share when it comes to phones,it helps Samsung to have an edge with its VR headsets. While the VR headsets are compatible only with Samsung flagship gadgets, they are already becoming popular given to Samsung's large user base of its smartphones.

Samsung has a VR Store with VR Apps


Samsung has a dedicated VR store with VR apps. This helps to spend lot of time and doing activities on the VR headsets. The apps are great for entertainment.

Samsung partnered with Facebook Oculus


Samsung partnered with Facebook Oculus for its line of VR headsets. Oculus remains a leader in the VR space and Samsung naturally partnered with it.

Samsung releases new flagship every year


Samsung has new flagship phones every year. The $100 VR headset is compatible with the latest of the flagship phones including Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge. Samsung might make the VR headset compatible with most of the future headsets. 

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