6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working


SD cards are used by most smartphone users as it is a simple and the easiest way to backup your data. But, you might have faced situations when your SD card just fails to work due to some issues.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

Talking about the failure of SD cards from working properly, it can't be restricted to just one reason. There are a slew of reasons that are related to the failure of micro SD cards.

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Below, we have come up with six simple SD card issues faced by most users and solutions to a few of them. You can definitely use these to handle your SD card troubles and get a solution.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

It's In The Wrong Format

If you have a blank SD card that you want to load with content and it is not working for some reason, think if you have used it in multiple devices such as different cameras or phones. That could be the issue. There is a chance that the SD card is formatted for another device.

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This is similar to the case in which hard drives are formatted for various operating systems that cannot be read by the computer. Make sure that you have removed the important files saved on the card and copied to the PC and reformat the card using the new device it is used with.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

You Ejected It Unsafely

The SD card should be removed safely for a reason. If you fail to do so, your SD card might stop working forever. In case, you take the SD card from the PC while it is being read, it might result in some problems.

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Mostly, the files will not be corrupted and it should still be usable. There are cases in which you might have to reformat the card. To prevent such situations, you can safely remove the micro SD card as a precaution.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

Damaged Casing

Sometimes, the problem could be physical damage. SD cards cannot handle rough and tough handling. Of course, there are recovery services meant for the SD cards, but they are quite expensive and these can cost you a fortune.

You can avoid damage to the SD card casing by keeping the loose SD cards in proper cases and be organized by taking them from the safe place and putting them back there.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

Locked Card

Did you know that you have the ability to lock the SD cards? Well, you can actually use this nifty feature to make sure the files saved on it are not modified or deleted. Though it is a precautionary feature, many users might not like it.

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Notably, it is quite easy to lock and unlock the SD cards. On the side of the card, there is a little switch in a different color from the rest of the device. All you need to do is just flip it away from being in the locked position. Well, it is that easy to lock and white.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

Your Card Reader Could Be Too Slow

This is one of the common issues that most users might have faced. If you have an older version of the card reader or a cheaper one, then it might not be able to keep up with the speeds of the current generation cards.

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In some cases, if the card is connected to a camera that is connected to the PC using a USB cable, then the transfer rate might not be as fast as you need. To avoid this issue, you can get a faster and newer card reader than can read your cards. These are not too expensive and they are definitely worth the money that you pay.

6 Common Issues That Stop Your SD Card From Working

Slow Write Speed

Just like the speed of your card reader, there is a higher possibility that the SD card you are using is too old or slow for the device that you are using it on. You can use the manual to find the write speeds of the device and it will definitely be an easy fix. The best solution to this issue is you can purchase a new SD card.

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