Things We Like: iFrogz Keychain Speaker, Foldable Mobile Keyboard & More – A Realist Guide

By Chakri Kudikala

    Seven days ago, our Managing Editor, Akansha called me and handed over three products of iFrogz and two products of Zagg, which apparently headed over to GizBot as review units. At the first glance, I had a small grin on my face, as I never really heard about the brand, iFrogz

    Things We Like: iFrogz Keychain Speaker & Foldable Mobile Keyboard

    However, later on, when I started using the products, I really felt that the products from iFrogz are very much underrated, at least the products which I received.

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    The products which I put into test were the iFrogz Carbide (On-Ear headphones), iFrogz freeRein reflect (Bluetooth earphones), iFrogz Tadpole (Bluetooth Mini Speaker), ZAGG iPhone 6 Speaker case, and a ZAGG Foldable Keyboard.

    Speaking about the company, iFrogz is the Utah-based manufacturer of Apple, which was established in the year of 2006 to manufacture iPhone cases. Initially, it was the subsidiary brand of Reminderband Inc., however, later on in the year 2011, it was acquired by ZAGG.

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    That said, ZAGG is the official maintainer of the iFrogz products and exclusively sells them on However, iFrogz products are also available to purchase from Amazon and Tata Cliq in India.

    Let's get started on how each product impressed me:

    iFrogz Carbide:

    First up in this list will be the iFrogz Carbide. The most important part for an on-ear headphone should be its design and the Carbide hits the bulls eye with its design. The design of the iFrogz Carbide reminded me the Bose QC25, which was the best noise-cancellation on-ear headphones till date. The Carbide is completely made of plastic, however, most of the surroundings were covered by leather.

    Comfortable to wear

    The ear-cups of the Carbide have a really good leather cushion which doesn't cause any issues when wearing the earphones for a longer duration.

    Zagg is marketing the iFrogz Carbide as the bass-heavy earphones. I personally feel that the sound signature is average and the bass doesn't inspire confidence. Midsand treble are decent enough, but the bass is piercing on higher volumes and I always ended up with resetting the volume levels while playing bass heavy songs.


    No Sound Leakage

    As said earlier, the cushions on this earphone are completely closed and as a result, there is no sound leakage. Priced at Rs 3,499, I think, its not a bad deal at all

    iFrogz Tadpole Active Speaker:

    After seeing the iFrogz Tadpole, I was left with mixed feelings. Is it a keychain? or, how the company managed to embed a speaker into this?

    Immediately, I connected the speaker with my OnePlus 3 over the Bluetooth and the sound produced by the speaker was outstanding. It was adequately loud and easily fills a large room.

    A keychain speaker which can fill up an entire room

    In terms of looks, the speaker looks really good and connecting over Bluetooth was easy too. The speaker comes with 300mAh battery life, which as per the company last four hours with a single charge, but that isn't case.

    Average battery life

    The speaker lasted for about two hours with a single charge, but it charges very quickly considering the fact that it has a 400mAh battery. This product will cost you Rs. 899 and its totally worth it.

    iFrogz FreeRein Reflect:

    The FreeRein Reflect is the company's first attempt in wireless earphones. The FreeRein Reflect is completely made of plastic and rubber and the cable won't tangle easily.

    Not for runners

    The earphones are targeted for the runners, however, they won't tend to hand with the ears for longer durations as they always pop out of the ears, which is a huge let down.

    Quality is decent for indoor purpose

    In terms of sound quality, the earphones are decent enough in indoor conditions (not while running). But, while running, they always tend to be lower side, which is underwhelming as they are specially meant for runners. That said, the FreeRein Reflect, by any means are not made for audio enthusiasts.

    ZAGG Pocket Keyboard:

    The one which we liked the most is this Pocket Keyboard from ZAGG. Our Editor, fell in love with this keyboard including me as well. The keyboard is foldable, thus making it easy to carry everywhere keeping in a pocket. It offers all the functionalities on what a smartphone or tablet keyboard offers.

    Connecting is an easy task

    Connecting to the keyboard is an easy task, but not for the first time as we ended up scratching our heads on how to connect to the keyboard via our smartphone. Thanks to the company for bundling a connection manual guide in the box.

    It’s foldable

    The one thing which this foldable keyboard lacks is a trackpad, but the functionalities of the trackpad are offered by two big keys, as shown in the picture. But, it's a bit costly at Rs. 3,655. We feel the company should think on the pricing of the gadget again to make some better sale.

    ZAGG iPhone 6/6S Speaker Case:

    Available at a price of Rs. 9,929, the ZAGG iPhone 6/6S Speaker case follows the same suite of technology as the Moto Mods. You can attach the speaker along with the case to your iPhone 6 and connect it to the phone via Bluetooth.

    It’s also a battery case

    Furthermore, the speaker case also has an embedded battery of 1800mAh, with which you can charge your phone with the help of the USB port.

    An in-built microphone is also there

    The speaker also has an in-built microphone to take up and calls and also a remote to accept and receive the calls. Connectivity wise, the speaker connected easily with an iPhone 6. The speaker is loud enough to fill out a room.

    Final thoughts:

    All the iFrogz products we received were decent enough, minus the wireless Bluetooth earphones, which failed to achieve the success of what it manufactured for. iFrogz products are very much underrated in India, according to me.

    When I showed the same tiny Tadpole speaker to one my roommate, he was reluctant with the brand, as such was the case with me when I first saw the products. Hence, the company needs to plan some brand awareness, when it comes to Indian market.
    The keyboard also solves the issue for many! There are many keyboards in the market, but none of them are foldable to fit into your pocket.

    Availability in India

    So if you're interested to buy one of these, all the iFrogz products are available via official website Zagg internationally and in India, they can be purchased from Amazon and Tata Cliq.

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